5 Remedies to Kick the Common Cold

It’s like the instant those first few snowflakes touched the ground throats started getting sore, noses got stuffed up, and all of sudden there was a mass shortage of tissue in the state.Remedies are aimed at easing these symptoms to help keep you comfortable while your stalwart immune system battles the virus away.

Hot Ginger Tea

This is one of the best teas to sip when you’re feeling stuffed up and yucky. The ginger is delicious, warming, a just a little spicy. Aromatic constituents such as capsaicin (found in chilies) or piperine (found in black pepper) are part of a family of compounds that provide numerous healing benefits. In ginger the compound of that family is called gingerol (original, right?), and it helps relieve congestion in a couple of ways.

Essential Steam

One beautiful almost instant fix for a stuffy nose is to steam it out. This is a favorite remedy of mine and worth repeating in numerous remedy lists. You can glean the benefits of steam by breathing it in from a mug of hot tea, taking a hot shower, or filling a bowl with a hot water and adding an essential oil.

Go with a Classic Cure

I love old time home remedies-the ones that we don’t need to question on chemical level, picking apart why they work or why they don’t work. They simply are, just as they have been for generations, and just as they will be for years to come. One of these classic home remedies for colds is comprised of three familiar ingredients-garlic, lemon, and honey.

Make a Honey-Onion Syrup

This recipe is great for cold that come with a nasty cough. The honey is wonderful for healing a sore throat while the onion works its wonders through antibacterial and anti-inflammatories actions. It can also help loosen up phlegm deep in the chest.

Mmm-mmm Mullein

This might be a home remedy that you’re tempted to pass over because you don’t recognize the name of the herb. It’s too much of a bother to try and figure out what the heck mullein is and you’d much rather just go for the apple cider vinegar or something you can pull off the spice rack, right? While that is nice, the beauty of the internet is that you can get these herbs and other ingredients without having to hunt down an obscure natural health store somewhere across the state border.

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